Getting Started with JavaScript

Learn the web's most popular language.
With JavaScript, you can build anything from websites to apps.

Learn theEssentials

JavaScript powers the web. It is the language to learn if you want to build websites or even apps. Let's get started with JavaScript so you can get a solid foundation for your web development journey.

  • Types
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Comparisons & Coercion
  • Functions
  • Objects & Built-in Objects
  • DOM & DOM Events
  • Building Real Things
  • LocalStorage

Let's Learn JavaScript!

Ready to take your web development to the next level?

The Videos

4.8 hours of JavaScript learning in 21 videos

Getting Started

4 videos
21 minutes

JavaScript Foundation

7 videos
94 minutes

Building Real Things

7 videos
97 minutes

Build a Bookmarking App

5 videos
74 minutes


1 video
1 minute

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know HTML and CSS?

HTML and CSS knowledge is encouraged, but you can learn with this course even with minimal HTML/CSS knowhow.

Is there course support?

You can email me directly at any time and we also have a Discord community where you gain exclusive channel access.

Can I use the code in my own projects?

Definitely! All of the code in this course is yours to use in your sites, apps, projects, whatever.

How do I login and view the course?

You can login at

Why is this free?

Learning to code is awesome. In my career, I used code to build, grow, and successfully sold a side business called I'm hoping the things you learn here can help you on your journey. We also have premium courses you can find at

I have more questions!

Drop me an email at or come join us on Discord. Let's chat.